By the Grace of Allah our Phase 1 & Phase 2 are now complete. These phases included Foundation of our 15,000 square feet new building and 93 additional parking places on top of existing parking that we have at our masjid. Construction Committee is currently focused on working to get a use permit for the newly constructed Parking Lot so that we can start using it as soon as possible. It would be a great help for Friday prayers parking & for major events that fall on week days, like Eid prayers.

Financial Summary

Total amount spent on Phase 1 & Phase 2: $1.2M
Funds needed for next two phases: $2M+

As in the past, IALFM Community needs to come together and help us fund the next two phases.

A major concern is that if we don’t start soon our foundation will begin to deteriorate & cost of the construction will continue to go up.

Next Steps

As per the October 2017 Update to community from IALFM BODTown of Flower Mound is requiring us to finish landscaping around the new building foundation and fix the drainage around the property in order to close out current development permit. Members of IALFM Construction Committee met the engineer representing Town of Flower Mound and he has sent us some requirements via email. Construction Committee has recommended that we proceed with this work and apply for the closure of current development permit after completing the required work. We need proper irrigation around the new construction area (new building foundation & parking lot) to avoid soil erosion and protect the new concrete. Closure of the development permit will also allow us to start using the new Parking Lot. There are no guarantees that town will not find anything else but currently this is our best understanding of the town’s requirement. Projected expenses for the required work that includes landscaping & irrigation arrangements for landscaping (that will go around the new building foundation & parking lot) are $60,000 – $80,000. Construction Committee is currently working thru the bids process to finalize a contractor for required work.

For more info, please review the October 2017 Update.

If you have any questions, please free to send an email to IALFM Construction Committee at: construction@ialfm.org

New Construction Site Pictures & Video

The latest Construction Site Pictures are available on our website.
Watch this Aerial View captured thru a drone of our construction site!


Needles to say, we need your continued support to start the next phase. Please donate generously so we can continue our construction and complete the expansion soon, Insha Allah!

Donations for New Masjid Construction Project

You can:

  1. Donate Online using a debit/credit card or your bank account (you will be taken to our secured Mohid Donation page)
  2. Place your donation payment (cash or check) in the ‘Construction‘ box inside the Masjid premises
  3. Mail your donation check or money order to: IALFM @ 3430 Peters Colony Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022