IALFM Education Committee manages & operates the IALFM Sunday School & Imam Rasheed Farah offers Quran Program Classes, i.e. Nazra & Hifz programs. Please refer to details on related pages on our website.
Education Committee that oversees IALFM Sunday School has the following objectives.

  1. Promote better communication among teachers, parents and community in general on educational aspects
  2. Develop a positive and supportive atmosphere to enhance students’ educational and extracurricular experiences
  3. Organize academic, social and fundraising activities in support of IALFM Sunday School
  4. Manage administrative functions of the school appropriately and effectively
  5. Recruit and train volunteers to help better utilize their individual talents, time and efforts

Education Committee members are:

Amir Haque (Sunday School Administrator & BOD Rep)
Adam Luqman
Mohamed Fiasudeen
Maha Ali
Samina Sheikh
Sheema Karanch
Zasheer Ahmad
Imam Rasheed Farah (Advisor)
Shaheed Luqman (Advisor)

Contact & Feedback

You can contact Education Committee or any of its members by sending an email at: education@ialfm.org