Quran Program Registration (2017-18)

Registration for Quran program classes is now open for the academic year 2017-18. Quran program classes are scheduled to start in the second week of August, 2017.

Following are the important details related to Quran Classes.

Schedule: Monday thru Thursday, 5 pm to 7 pm (after-school hours)

Teacher: Imam Rasheed Farah

Programs: Nazra & Hifz Program

Location: IALFM Masjid premises at 3430 Peters Colony Road, Flower Mound, TX

Nazra Program (Fees: $50 per month)

  • Students learn how to read & recite Quran with basic understanding of Arabic letters & language
  • The class is offered in a 1:1 setup with the teacher. Each session on a day is generally 15 minutes in duration. Each student attends two sessions in a week on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.
  • A meeting with the teacher is required to register student and setup required details like student’s current level, days and timings.
  • See more details below on registration process

Registration Process

  • Please come to the masjid (Mon thru Thu, 5pm to 7pm) and set up a time block for your child by talking to our Quran Teacher (Imam Rasheed Farah). As we have just one teacher available at this moment, the available time blocks are limited.
  • You can also send a heads up to us about your interest in Quran School registration by sending us an email at education@ialfm.org

Questions or Feedback

Feel free to send us an email at education@ialfm.org with your questions and feedback. Thank you!